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This is the place for LDS Art featured products. This collection has the Best Sellers, New Releases, & Personal Favorites of Shop today for new images of Christ, paintings & pictures of Jesus, and many other scriptural stories!

This collection of new LDS images, paintings, prints, and art was created to help you more quickly find the most cutting edge christian images. We hope you are inspired by these new pictures of Jesus, photographs of temples, and other LDS content.

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I Shall Not Want is a painting that depicts Jesus with His flock in beautiful field on a cloudy day - Yongsung Kim | Havenlight | Christian Artwork
I Shall Not Want
  • From $6.95
Calm and Stars painting depicts Jesus calming the seas during a great storm, & then seeing stars after the calm - Yongsung Kim | Havenlight | Christian Artwork
Calm and Stars
  • From $0.50
Calming Embrace painting depicts Jesus Christ holding a lost lamb in a field of pink and purple flowers - Yongsung Kim | Havenlight | Christian Artwork
Calming Embrace
  • From $0.50