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I love to paint. I love to take the beauty that I see in my world and immortalize it in paint. Whether that is a moment in life, a story, a person, a place, or a feeling. Whether in my mind's eye or in the world around me, I strive to capture it in a display of paint that is to be shared for decades and centuries to come. 

For this reason, I use the highest quality archival-grade materials to ensure the longevity of my work. I am quiet and reserved, though observant and thoughtful. I find a peaceful work environment stimulates the most creativity for me. As I work I love to listen to classical music or listen to books that enlighten and educate my mind. 

I view my career as an artist as a great responsibility and duty. Fine art has a unique ability to reach people and to touch hearts. I strive to use that special ability in a way that improves and inspires the lives of the thoughtful viewers of my work.

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Winter on The Lake
Winter on The Lake
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