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You Are Loved
You Are Loved
  • From $9.99
The Hand of God painting by Yongsung Kim is the Bible story of Jesus walking on water and saving Peter from drowning.
The Hand of God
  • From $9.99
I Shall Not Want is a painting that depicts Jesus with His flock in beautiful field on a cloudy day - Yongsung Kim | LDSArt.com | Christian Artwork
I Shall Not Want
  • From $9.99
Come and See Blue
Come and See Blue
  • From $9.99
He Leadeth Me is a painting that depicts Jesus walking down a trail with one of His sheep - Yongsung Kim | LDSArt.com | Christian Artwork
He Leadeth Me
  • From $9.95
Calm and Stars painting depicts Jesus calming the seas during a great storm, & then seeing stars after the calm - Yongsung Kim | LDSArt.com | Christian Artwork
Calm and Stars
  • From $9.99
Look To God And Live
Look To God And Live
  • From $14.95
Come, Be Not Afraid
Come, Be Not Afraid
  • From $9.99
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