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Photograph of Brandt Bernston Brandt grew up in Cache Valley, Utah and spent countless hours outdoors exploring the surrounding fields, farmland, construction sites and mountains. These experiences continue to influence his work today.

Brandt received his BFA from Utah State University in Painting & Drawing. He has also studied art in Germany and visited most of Western Europe to study the works of the masters.

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Brandt currently lives in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah, where he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He paints from his home studio and increasingly in plein air. He is a laid back and friendly guy, with a fun sense of humor and knack for making off the cuff dad jokes and inserting pop culture into conversation. His other hobbies and interests include playing guitar and singing, music and concerts, travel (working towards visiting all 50 states and each continent), deep conversation, trying new foods, hiking, backpacking, exercise, making friends and spirituality.

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Nativity Open Edition Print / 12 X Only Art
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