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Photograph of Kelly Pugh Kelly Pugh has always and will always love to draw and paint the world around him as well as the people, and wildlife alive today and in the past.

After graduating from high school and completing a full time mission for his church, he dedicated his time to becoming a full-time artist as his career. Obtaining both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from Southern Utah University enriched his skill and knowledge of the art world.

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Kelly has worked as an art designer painting murals and feux finishes in homes throughout Las Vegas. He was also the head art director of the largest dinosaur museum in the world, the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point near Lehi, Utah.

Kelly's experience as a full-time artist has enabled him to paint in many different kinds of medium, subject matters, and materials. He has published several books and is currently working on a book of the Martin and Willie Handcart companies. He is doing this book along with author Shelli Simmons author of the stories listed on this site.

Kelly currently lives with his wife Sheri and 5 children in Blanding, Utah where he is a part owner of Ridgeway Art Gallery and full-time artist.

Kelly’s work is not only beautiful and detailed, but incredibly realistic. Kelly has often been asked if his work is a photograph or a painting. Kelly enjoys bringing the world home to you and hope you will enjoy his work as much as so many have before.

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The Savior Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
The Savior
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