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Yongsung Kim is a devoted christian and loves dearly his Savior Jesus Christ. In early adulthood he worried greatly about the purpose of life, and how he could help make the world a better place. Then as a result of much prayer and pondering, he decided to devote his life to the glory of God. Yongsung Kim does this through his art, pictures, and paintings of Jesus Christ, which help other's remember their divine origins and eternal destiny. Yongsung loves painting images of Christ, and his paintings create so much hope and joy in a world of darkness and pain.

The main focus of Yongsung Kim's art is Jesus Christ and His role as The Good Shepherd and Messiah. He loves creating art, paintings, pictures, and images of Jesus Christ that are bright and beautiful, allowing others to see the true character of Jesus. Some of Yongsung Kim's most notable paintings are The Hand of God, Walking on Water, Calm and Stars, With All Thy Heart, and Calming Embrace. But there are so many beautiful paintings, pictures, art and images of Christ in this collection. We hope you enjoy Yongsung Kim's paintings and find a piece of art that will brighten your home and life on a daily basis.

Additionally and to reemphasize, one of Yongsung Kim's most beloved topics to paint is that of Jesus walking on water. Christ reaching in the water to save Peter from drowning is one of the greatest stories in the Bible. Jesus walking on water and then reaching in the water to save His drowning disciple is a parable for us all. It's an awe inspiring example of Christ, His character and love for each of us.

We hope you enjoy this art collection by Yongsung Kim!

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Symphony of Praise
Symphony of Praise
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