Peace Through Art - A Free Art Giveaway

Peace Through Art - A Free Art Give Away

A crisis can bring out the best or worst in all of us. If we let them, our fears can overpower our better instincts. At Havenlight, we believe that if we try, we will find ways we can help and lift others; ways we can relieve suffering and make the fear we all face feel a little less.

If there was ever a time and a place for the message of comfort, grace, and strength our art provides, it is now. 

We understand that art will not take away the struggles we are all facing, but we also know that art will bring a measure of peace and hope to our lives in the days and months that lie ahead. 

Get Your Free Work of Art

Below you will find a selection of 5”x 7” Peace Through Art paper prints by some the world's most popular inspirational artists. We are offering these wonderful images for free as long as our supply lasts. You can select up to 5 (five) for free, normally a $35.00 value. There is a nominal shipping charge.

To receive your free gift:

  • Click on the images below that speak to you. 
  • Place up to 5 (five) images in your cart (you will not be able to complete "Checkout" if there are more than five in your cart!).
  • Proceed to Checkout and complete the information as requested.
  • Use the code "PEACE THROUGH ART" as the Discount Code. This will make the prints in your cart FREE.The discount code is limited to one use per customer.
  • Complete the checkout process fully to receive your free art.

The Hand of God 5" x 7" by Yongsung Kim

Hold on Tight 5" x 7" by Liz Lemon Swindle 
The Release 5" x 7" by Jenedy Paige Bind Up the Broken Hearted 5" x 7" by Sandy Freckleton Gagon
The Thread of Life 5" x 7" by Howard Lyon He Restoreth My Soul 5" x 7" by YongSung Kim
The Healing Touch 5" x 7" by Yongsung Kim Salt Lake, The Lord is My Light 5" x 7" by Alan Fullmer
Like a Fire is Burning 5" x 7" by Alan Fullmer Rescue at Sweetwater 5" x 7" by Clark Kelly Price