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Photograph of Cindy Briggs Cindy Briggs Tranquil Watercolors and Oils Capture the Serenity of her Landscapes, Cityscapes and Portraits.

Cindy Briggs takes her palette and workshop students to locations around the world to paint peaceful scenes that inspire. “I paint from the heart and share my serene point of view with fluid color harmonies, rhythmic and random brushwork, dynamic shapes, and captured patterns of light and shadow. Depending on my mood and subject, I choose between watercolors or oils. I take every opportunity to experience the authenticity and reality of my subjects by working en plein air or from life when possible. Painting is being true to whom I am and my interpretations evolve as I continue to connect with life experiences.”

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Featured in Plein Air Magazine and Outdoor Painter for her international Make Every Day A Painting workshops, Cindy Briggs is honored to be recognized as a leading watermedia expert. Her work is featured in international juried exhibitions, private and corporate collections, galleries and in invitationals.

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Eternal Promise Ogden Temple
Eternal Promise Ogden Temple
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