Product Filter has the largest selection of art and lds paintings of Jesus walking on water. This incredible experience of Jesus walking on water is one of the most captivating moments in all of scripture!

One aspect of these paintings is Jesus Christ walking amidst a storm, and no matter how dark the night, Christ will always be there to save us! And even though Peter started to sink in the water, how incredible it was that Peter walked on water even if it was only for a few steps.

Another aspect of these paintings is Christ reaching his hand out to save Peter from drowning. Jesus reaching into the water to help Peter is not only symbolic of physical death, but also how Christ saves us from spiritual death. The hand of God is there for each of us, if we will but look to Christ, live His teachings, and allow His grace to transform us!

This collection of lds art, paintings and pictures is one of our very favorites! Some of the best pieces in this collection are: The Hand of God by Yongsung Kim, Come & See by Scott Sumner, Against The Wind by Liz Lemon Swindle, and Come Be Not Afraid by Dan Wilson.

It's so impactful to see Jesus walking on water and reaching into the water to save Peter. We hope that this gallery of lds art and paintings of Jesus walking on water give peace, hope, and comfort to christians the world over!

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With All Thy Heart
With All Thy Heart
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The Hand of God Large Art depicts Jesus reaching into the water to save Peter - Yongsung Kim | Havenlight | Christian Artwork
The Hand of God Large Art
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